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172 - Little Taste

◎ 3,688 ▽ 3,267 - 2016-03-24Details
Description Just a little taste of the world, that's all you want.
Intended Effect Explorative desire.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through an experience of exploring new tastes and experiencing familiar tastes in new ways. He counts the listener down and helps them relax and open their mind. The listener is encouraged to embrace the taste of everything and to focus on the capacity of their tongue and nose to detect different flavors. They are told that even smells can be tasted by breathing deeply. He emphasizes the importance of embracing every bite and making eating an experience. The listener is encouraged to try new things and feel inspired to explore different tastes. The file ends with the listener being slowly awakened and encouraged to enjoy their newfound appreciation for taste.

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