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534 - Bedside Support

◎ 4,363 ▽ 8,137 - 2019-08-15Details
Description Some sweet support for when you're laying in bed with some warm milk, a cool cloth and a bedside story.
Intended Effect Healing sleep.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is in bed and in need of support. Nimja, he, offers various ways to help the listener feel better, such as providing a cool, wet cloth for their eyes, cough syrup, or a warm glass of milk. Nimja assures the listener that they will take care of their needs, including providing water and adjusting the blanket to help them cool down. They also offer to sit on the edge of the bed, checking the listener's temperature and ensuring they have what they need to heal. Nimja encourages the listener to relax and enjoy their presence, possibly telling them a story from their childhood about reading a big book full of fairy tales. The story involves a princess being rescued by the youngest of three brothers and a boy who searches for magical berries to heal his sick sister. Nimja uses these stories to inspire the listener's dreams and reassure them that their body knows how to heal itself. The file ends with Nimja urging the listener to sleep well and rest.

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