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855 - Mental Data Corruption

◎ 4,015 ▽ 2,549 - 2022-09-13Details
Description Instructions to help with memory malfunctions and corruption.
Intended Effect Confusion and desire to explore.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is subjected to a form of mental data corruption. He discusses the imperfections of memory and suggests that the listener may be malfunctioning without realizing it. They mention the possibility of temporal anomalies and how difficult they are to detect. He questions whether the listener's mind is digital or biological, highlighting the imperfections of memory in both cases. They also mention the idea of implant or mind replacement. He then provides instructions for physical and mental relaxation to benefit the process. They assure the listener that experiencing a sensation of blankness is normal and not a sign of further data corruption. He emphasizes that mental data corruption is a serious issue but indicates that it can be remedied. They suggest that some people switch off their minds while listening to allow maintenance to be done effectively. He then proceeds to lead the listener into a state where their mind can be opened and adjusted. They mention the possibility of exploring interests and fantasies to please them, and how this can expand the mind and be seen as enlightenment. He encourages the listener to let their mind drift and fantasize. They introduce mantras and patterns as tools for mental data corruption and describe how they can create hooks in the mind. He discusses the blankness and enjoyment of exploration and being hypnotized. They assure the listener that they will explore within acceptable parameters and with necessary safeties in place. He mentions the possibility of switching off the listener's mind completely with a command or trigger word and describes the countdown that precedes it. They emphasize the importance of letting the brainwashing and defragmentation occur during the blankness. He suggests that the listener may be malfunctioning even if they are reading the words and asks if they are remembering them correctly. They state that the instruction will sink deep into the listener's mind and continue to inspire and explore. He suggests that the listener may listen again to check for any uncorrupted data and clean it up if necessary. They mention the enjoyment of brainwashing through repetition of phrases, mantras, hypnosis, and control. He acknowledges that the listener may still believe their mind is biological, but the instructions will continue to be executed in their mind. They suggest that the listener may find the popping up of memories enjoyable due to the side effects of the data corruption. The file concludes with a countdown to wake the listener up and return them to normal, with the assurance that they will have fun.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
FeaturesAmnesia, Obedience
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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