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149 - Weight Loss

◎ 4,225 ▽ 5,906 - 2016-01-07Details
Description Some helpful words to help motivate you to lose some weight. Listen to an induction first!
Intended Effect Healthy weight loss.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a trance by Nimja to help them lose weight in a healthy and constructive manner. The listener is instructed to relax and drop deeper into a trance state. Nimja explains that losing weight is not about strict rules, but rather about treating the body well and with respect. The listener is encouraged to eat slower and enjoy their food, be mindful of what they eat, and find a balance between healthy and tasty foods. The importance of being active and using the body to burn energy is emphasized. The file concludes with the listener being awakened and encouraged to take on the world with energy and refreshed mindset.

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