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350 - Beautiful Butterfly

◎ 1,703 ▽ 2,514 - 2017-11-09Details
Description A simple, blanket-wrapped transformation to help you become even more beautiful than you already are.
Intended Effect Inspired lightness.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation exercise to help them feel lighter, stronger, and more beautiful inside and out. He compares the listener's transformation to that of a butterfly, emphasizing the beauty, strength, and elegance that already exists within them. The listener is encouraged to imagine the intricate details of a butterfly's wings and to focus on the spaces between spaces, allowing their mind to fade away and relax. They are guided to imagine themselves in a chrysalis, wrapped in warm and safe blankets, where they can grow and recover. He encourages the listener to take their time and recognize their own wings, reminding them that creativity and beauty come effortlessly, just like a butterfly's fluttering. After the relaxation exercise, the listener is awakened feeling strong, full of energy, and like a beautiful butterfly ready to show the world.

CategoriesInduction, Transformation
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