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870 - Hypnosis Narration

◎ 2,344 ▽ 2,889 - 2022-11-03Details
Description Let's observe the process of hypnosis, trance and inductions as we follow along.
Intended Effect Narrated into trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnosis session. The listener is instructed to focus on the hypnotist's voice, and they begin to relax as they listen to the words and sentences. The hypnotist explains that hypnosis is a natural state and that the listener's unconscious is preparing for suggestibility. The listener takes deep breaths to further relax their body. They are encouraged to let go of their thoughts and enter a state of trance. The hypnotist describes the sensations of relaxation and emptiness that the listener experiences. The listener's body and mind continue to relax as they go deeper into trance. The hypnotist introduces trigger words like "drop" and "wave" that allow the listener to sink even deeper into relaxation. The hypnotist explains the concept of fractionation, where the listener can quickly deepen their trance with each cycle of waking and dropping. Eventually, the hypnotist counts up to wake the listener from their trance, and the listener returns to full awareness. The file concludes with the hypnotist thanking the listener for their participation.

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