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706 - Porcelain Doll Repair

◎ 2,369 ▽ 2,371 - 2021-04-08Details
Description An old dollmaker's shop, in which a precious doll is slowly, carefully repaired.
Intended Effect Transformation and restoration.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a journey through a porcelain doll repair workshop. The listener is asked to imagine a big desk with various tools and items used for doll repair. A box is brought into the workshop containing an old and damaged porcelain doll. The doll is carefully inspected and the process of repair begins. The clothes are removed and set aside for repair. The doll's porcelain is repaired using a mixture of colored paste, with gold used to celebrate the cracks and imperfections. The doll maker takes their time and shows great attention to detail in repairing each part of the doll. The paste is left to dry before being painted and a lacquer is applied for protection. The clothes are repaired and washed, and the final touches are made to the doll's porcelain. The doll is then placed back in the box, looking more treasured and beautiful than before. The file ends with a note of gratitude to the listener for their attention.

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