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◎ 1,500 ▽ 2,308 - 2020-08-27Details
Description It is such a nice, energetic feeling that fills you with inspiration and life.
Intended Effect Filled with excitement.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a discussion about excitement. He explains that excitement can come from both known and unknown experiences. They describe the feeling of excitement as a happy, energetic, and creative state that fills the body with energy and thoughts. The listener is then guided to recall a time when they were excited and to re-experience that feeling throughout their whole body. He emphasizes that being excited makes everything easier and lighter, and it fills the body and mind with life. The listener is encouraged to embrace and look forward to both small and big things that they can be excited about. The file ends with he counting the listener back up to wakefulness, with the hope that they will have fun.

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