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564 - Magical Library

◎ 3,479 ▽ 3,333 - 2019-11-28Details
Description It can be unwise to explore a magical library all on your own to find that one book.
Intended Effect Wonderfully lost.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener finds themselves in a magical library, slowly getting lost among the books and shelves. The library appears normal at first, but as the listener continues to explore, they realize it is a magical place. They become trapped inside, unable to find their way back. Despite this, the listener continues to delve deeper into the library, fascinated by the books and the atmosphere. They search for a specific book that they know is waiting for them, following their senses and instincts. Eventually, they find the book with their name on it and begin reading. However, getting out of the magical library proves to be a challenge. The listener tries to retrace their steps but finds that everything has changed. They feel a strong urge to place the book back on a shelf, allowing it to become part of something new. Once they do, they feel a sense of relief and continue moving without paying attention to their surroundings. Finally, they notice daylight and make their way towards the exit. As they touch the door handle and open the door, they awaken refreshed and renewed, having found what they were looking for in the magical library.

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