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730 - Blissful Brushing

◎ 2,074 ▽ 3,404 - 2021-07-01Details
Description Just sit back and let your hair be brushed for a while.
Intended Effect Pulled down through your hair.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided to relax and experience the sensation of having their hair gently brushed. He encourages the listener to remember the pleasant feeling of having their hair brushed and to let their thoughts wander as they imagine the brush slowly moving down their hair. He suggests that the more the listener allows themselves to experience these sensations, the more real they will become. The brush strokes are described as slow, gentle, and rhythmic, and the listener is encouraged to let their thoughts flow down with each stroke. The repetitive motion of the brush and the comfort it brings allow the listener to enter a deep state of relaxation and trance. The file concludes by reminding the listener to continue enjoying the sensations even after his voice ends and to awaken refreshed if they choose to.

FeatureOpen ending
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