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428 - Approving Headpats

◎ 3,427 ▽ 5,849 - 2018-08-09Details
Description Simple pats on your head to let you know that you've done well.
Intended Effect Pats on your head.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through an audio file called "Approving Headpats" by Nimja. Nimja explains that the file is meant to pat the listener's head and let them know that they have done well. The listener is encouraged to listen to an induction before this file, but it is optional. Nimja describes a good headpat as a simple gesture of his hand caressing the listener's head. He states that the listener has earned these approving headpats because they have been very good. Throughout the file, Nimja repeatedly pats the listener's head rhythmically and gently, emphasizing that it feels nice to know that they have done well. He encourages the listener to be even better in the future to receive more headpats. Nimja assures the listener that even if they make a mistake, it is okay as long as they learn from it. He believes that there is no such thing as too many headpats and that they provide a simple and enjoyable feeling. Nimja asks if the listener is ready for all the pats, if they feel relaxed, and if they enjoy the feeling of pats on their head. He continues to pat the listener's head and concludes by praising them and expressing that he looks forward to giving them more headpats in the future.

FeatureOpen ending
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