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766 - You Will Be Hypnotized

◎ 6,280 ▽ 4,484 - 2021-11-04Details
Description You'll never believe how easy it is to get into this.
Intended Effect Made to do something.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a hypnotic state by Nimja. They are encouraged to pay attention, relax, and let their thoughts drift. Nimja discusses different ways people can enter a trance and compares it to meditation. The listener is led through breathing exercises to deepen their relaxation. Nimja uses words like "drop" to deepen the trance state and gives a countdown to further relax the listener. At the end, Nimja suggests that the listener will react to the experience and encourages them to explore more. Finally, the listener is gently brought out of the trance and welcomed back.

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