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219 - Consentacles

◎ 36,933 ▽ 29,502 - 2016-09-06Details
Description It's been rough lately and you need something special, with tentacles, to unwind. So you come to me...
Intended Effect Intense, consensual tentacle fantasy.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener approaches Nimja seeking a moment of relaxation and escape from their stress. They specifically request to experience tentacles exploring their body. Nimja explains that the listener's consent is essential and proceeds to guide the listener into a trance. As the listener becomes more relaxed, the tentacles begin to touch and wrap around their legs and arms. The listener is filled with a sense of pleasure and desire as the tentacles continue to explore their body, including their mouth and intimate areas. The tentacles gradually increase their intensity, bringing the listener to the edge of orgasm multiple times. Finally, the tentacles bring the listener to a powerful climax and continue thrusting until the listener can no longer handle it. Afterward, the tentacles slow down and the listener is left in a state of relaxation and satisfaction. The file concludes with the listener being gently awakened, expected to thank Nimja for the experience.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
FeaturesArousal, Orgasm(s), Obedience
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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