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480 - Ice Caverns

◎ 1,542 ▽ 2,958 - 2019-02-07Details
Description Walking into a fantasy that takes you down into a crisp world of reflections.
Intended Effect Beautifully lost.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken on a guided visualization journey through a network of caves, specifically focusing on the exploration of ice caverns. The listener is encouraged to get comfortable and envision themselves walking deeper into the cave, with each step leading them further into the depths. The description of the ice caverns is vivid and enticing, with the listener imagining the beauty of the ice, the reflections on the walls, and the sensation of walking on ice. As the listener continues to explore, they become more immersed in the experience, losing their sense of direction and becoming entranced by the reflections and refractions of light. They are drawn towards the center of the maze of mirrors, where they believe they will find a warm light that fills them and makes them feel empty. The listener's focus intensifies as they seek out this center, with their thoughts becoming more focused and their body feeling comfortable and light. Eventually, the listener experiences a stumble and finds themselves sliding down a long ice cavern, leading them to a point where they are surrounded by infinite reflections of themselves. They are drawn to a light in front of them, knowing that if they touch it, their thoughts will switch off and they will be left in a blissful state of emptiness. The listener is encouraged to float in this state until they are ready to awaken, feeling refreshed and energized. If they desire, the listener can choose to continue listening and remain in a deep state of relaxation.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
FeatureOpen ending
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