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670 - Study Subject

◎ 2,689 ▽ 3,018 - 2020-12-03Details
Description Would you like to help me practice by being brought into trance?
Intended Effect Simple induction and waking.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is asked to participate in a hypnosis practice session with Nimja. Nimja explains that self-hypnosis is possible but it is nicer to practice on someone else. The listener is instructed to settle into a comfortable position and allow their body to relax. Nimja describes how the mind naturally enters a trance-like state during menial tasks or when watching something on screens. The listener is encouraged to let their mind wander and drift, enjoying whatever state it is in. Nimja mentions that it doesn't matter if the listener keeps their eyes open or closed. The listener may experience a slowing down of blinking and become more aware of their mind enjoying the relaxation. Nimja describes different states of awareness and how the mind can fade into nothingness while still being engaged in simple tasks or distractions. The listener is assured that whatever they think or feel is supposed to happen, even if they have difficulty following along. Nimja guides the listener into a deeper state of relaxation and quiet, comparing it to a night sky full of twinkling stars. Finally, Nimja counts the listener back up to full awareness, waking them up and thanking them for participating.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
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