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514 - Everyday Relaxation

◎ 3,068 ▽ 6,762 - 2019-06-06Details
Description A simple spark that grows into deep relaxation, from your mind to your body.
Intended Effect Background, rhythmical relaxation.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation exercise by Nimja. Nimja speaks softly in the background, allowing the listener to focus on their own thoughts and feelings. The listener is encouraged to let their mind wander and imagine a tingling sensation of relaxation. The words spoken by Nimja create a rhythm that slows down the listener's thoughts and helps them to relax deeper. As the relaxation deepens, the listener may experience a sensation of drifting and zoning out. The file suggests that the listener can lay down and continue to relax, letting their body and mind sink even deeper into a state of relaxation. The file will eventually end, but the relaxation can continue if the listener chooses to listen to more of Nimja's voice. Ultimately, the listener is encouraged to slowly awaken and feel refreshed once the file has stopped.

FeaturesOpen ending, Background
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