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222 - Terrible Teasing Tactics

◎ 8,427 ▽ 6,816 - 2016-09-15Details
Description A slightly confusing, but generally nice file to help you feel maybe a bit surprised.
Intended Effect Confusion resistance challenge

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being hypnotized and teased by he, Nimja. He uses playful and teasing tactics to interrupt the listener's standard patterns and bring variation into their life. The listener is unsure if they will be hypnotized or not, and he toys with their mind, making them feel helpless. The listener's eyelids become heavy and they start to sink deeper into a trance as they listen to his words. He continues to tease and manipulate the listener, making them giggle and smile. The listener's mind becomes softer and they start to enjoy the teasing, even though they try to resist. He suggests that the listener wants to surrender and be hypnotized, but it's not yet time. The listener floats and drifts in a state of trance, and he uses various techniques to pull them deeper. He mentions snapping their fingers and dropping the listener, but continues to delay it for their own enjoyment. The listener loses their grip on reality but gains a sense of peace and trance. He and listener both win and lose in this playful game of teasing and hypnotizing. The listener is encouraged to embrace the moment and allow themselves to drop deeper into the trance. He guides the listener with their voice, and the listener's mind becomes singularly focused on he. The listener is reminded to remember the sensation and feeling of the teasing and enticement. The file ends with he instructing the listener to enjoy and not forget to drop and listen.

FeatureOpen ending
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