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394 - Going Deeper

◎ 6,710 ▽ 13,251 - 2018-04-12Details
Description Take a moment to listen to my voice and let yourself fall deeply into a wonderful hypnotic trance.
Intended Effect Induction and deepener.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a deep state of trance through the voice of the hypnotist, Nimja. The hypnotist emphasizes that the listener's only focus should be on their voice, and the outside world becomes inconsequential. As the listener continues to listen and follow the hypnotist's words, their mind relaxes and their thoughts fade away. The hypnotist's voice becomes a rhythmic pull that takes the listener deeper into relaxation. The listener's mind is taken on a journey, guided by the hypnotist's voice, leading them to a deep state of trance. The listener experiences a sense of surrender and heaviness as they fall further into trance. The hypnotist assures the listener that even if they don't feel anything, simply paying attention to the words and voice is enough to deepen their trance. The hypnotist's voice has a powerful effect on the listener's mind, melting their thoughts and pulling them deeper. The listener continues to fall into a wonderful world of their mind, where anything is possible. The hypnotist's voice is described as a guiding light, leading the listener deeper into the darkness of emptiness. The listener's mind falls under the hypnotist's spell, and each word and breath deepens their trance. The hypnotist emphasizes that falling into trance becomes easier with each listening. The listener's eyelids may flutter and their mind may focus without conscious effort. The power of the hypnotist's voice is highlighted, as even a whisper or single word can pull the listener deeper. The file concludes by stating that hypnosis, when done right, is deeply enjoyable and brings a sense of calm and restfulness. The listener is encouraged to explore the possibilities of what they can achieve while listening to the hypnotist's voice. The file ends with a reminder that the listener will either stay deep if they continue listening or wake up feeling refreshed and calm if they stop listening.

FeatureOpen ending
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