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Live 37 - Lucid Dreaming

◎ 5,933 ▽ 7,937 - 2019-04-07Details
Description A few simple examples of what lucid dreaming can do for you.
Intended Effect Learn to control dreams.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process of entering a lucid dreaming state. He explains that lucid dreaming is similar to trance and hypnosis, and it involves being in control of the dream scene. The listener is encouraged to recognize the difference between being awake and dreaming in order to gain control over their dreams. Various techniques, such as counting down and focusing on the breath, are suggested to help the listener relax and enter a deep state of trance. Once in this state, the listener is instructed to imagine themselves in control of their dreams, able to manipulate the world around them and engage in various activities like flying and swimming. He emphasizes that the listener has the power to control their dreams and create their own dreamscapes. The file concludes with the listener being gently awakened and encouraged to continue exploring lucid dreaming on their own.

CategoriesInduction, Effect, Live
FeaturesFractionation, Participation
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