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308 - Pet Nap

◎ 7,681 ▽ 11,892 - 2017-06-15Details
Description A playful, relaxing pet-like nap for those who wish to be comfortable and petted.
Intended Effect Short, petted nap.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a nap while being petted. He encourages the listener to relax and imagine gentle stroking of their hair as they become more and more sleepy and relaxed. The listener is told to let their mind wander and be distracted by thoughts that are important for pets. He continues to pet the listener's head, helping them relax deeply and put their thoughts to rest. The listener is reassured that they can be in any position or place and are encouraged to let time pass and enjoy the quietness of their mind. He emphasizes that the listener doesn't have to think and can let their mind sleep as they continue to relax. As the nap progresses, the listener is reminded that they don't have to think and can just enjoy the moment, like a pet. He encourages the listener to let go and let their mind calm down, enjoying the calm and sweet feelings of relaxation. The listener is assured that they are safe and can sleep deeply during this pet nap. He concludes by reminding the listener to just sleep, enjoy the little nap, and be a good little pet.

CategoriesInduction, Sleep
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