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37 - Soul Scrub

◎ 3,522 ▽ 5,708 - 2014-09-18Details
Description A soft file to help you clear your head of anxiety, insecurity and worry.
Intended Effect Calming and cleansing mind/soul.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process of scrubbing their soul to relieve themselves of burdensome thoughts and emotions. He encourages the listener to close their eyes and relax, counting them down into a gentle state of trance. They then proceed to blow away the top layer of worries and anxieties, clearing the mind of dust and insecurities. He guides the listener through a process of scrubbing their mind, removing all the unnecessary baggage and weight that holds them down. The listener is encouraged to see the beauty and brightness of their own mind once it is cleaned and shines brilliantly. Finally, he counts the listener back up to wake them, leaving them feeling refreshed and relieved.

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