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97 - Emotional Shield

◎ 2,917 ▽ 5,240 - 2015-06-18Details
Description Something to help you deal with the intensity of everyday life.
Intended Effect Help with anxiety and intense emotions from others.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided to a state of relaxation and emptiness. They are encouraged to listen to his voice and go deeper into relaxation. He then teaches the listener how to build an emotional shield and provides strategies for dealing with overwhelming emotions and situations. The listener is guided to focus on their breathing and hold their hand on their heart to feel warmth and positivity. They are encouraged to ground themselves and let negative energy flow out of their feet into the ground. The listener is then instructed to imagine an invisible shield of positive energy surrounding them, allowing positive feelings and people to pass through while negative energy bounces off. He emphasizes the importance of keeping positive people around and finding a safe place. The file concludes with he reminding the listener to remember the lessons and the positive energy shield. The listener is then gradually brought back to a waking state with the shield still present.

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