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67 - Safely Shackled

◎ 7,695 ▽ 7,765 - 2014-12-21Details
Description Shackled on wrists and ankles, without end...
Intended Effect Induction without waking, based on bondage.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being guided into a state of surrender and vulnerability. Nimja describes the process of shackling the listener's arms and wrists, ensuring that they are pinned down and unable to move. The listener is encouraged to let go and let the experience happen. Nimja captures the listener's mind, taking control over their thoughts and body. Through a countdown, the listener drops deeper into a state of relaxation and obedience. Nimja then proceeds to shackle the listener's ankles, further restricting their movement. The listener is instructed to obey and submit to Nimja's control. They are made aware of their complete surrender and the pleasure they derive from being safely shackled. The listener is reminded of their vulnerability and the power that Nimja holds over them. The file ends with the listener being left in their bound state, still under Nimja's protection but also craving the potential for further exploration.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy, Effect
FeaturesParticipation, Open ending, Obedience
DisclaimerThis is erotic fetish fantasy, not reality. Enjoy!
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