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Live 29 - Porcelain Doll Transformation

◎ 4,933 ▽ 4,503 - 2018-07-01Details
Description Feel yourself transformed and decorated with care and attention into a beautiful doll.
Intended Effect Dollified and displayed.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a transformation into a porcelain doll. They are instructed to imagine themselves as a canvas, with liquid porcelain being poured onto their body to create a cast. The liquid feels warm and soothing as it spreads over their face and forms a perfect imprint. The listener then falls into a deeper trance state as the artist begins shaping their face, simplifying their features into a doll-like form. The face is then painted white, with details such as lips, eyes, and eyebrows added. The listener can feel the brush strokes and the tickling sensation of the paint. Glass eyes are placed over their own eyes, and eyelashes are glued on. A wig is placed on their head, completing the transformation of their face into that of a doll. The process then moves to filling the lower body with heavy filling to create weight, while the upper body is filled with lighter filling. The listener's clothing is sewn on, and their hands are covered and transformed into porcelain. The final step is placing the listener on a stand, where they feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose as a porcelain doll. The listener is then instructed to open their eyes and experience the world as a doll, but can also choose to end the trance if desired.

CategoriesTransformation, Live
FeaturesParticipation, Open ending
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