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742 - All The Way Down

◎ 3,298 ▽ 6,380 - 2021-08-12Details
Description A very sweet and gentle caress, all the way down your spine, to pull you deeper into trance.
Intended Effect Deep, relaxing trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation exercise by Nimja. Nimja describes the sensation of gentle caresses starting at the back of the listener's neck and moving all the way down their spine. With each stroke, the listener experiences waves of relaxation and rapidly finds themselves becoming more relaxed. The repeated strokes deepen the listener's state of relaxation and pulls their mind into a deeper state. The touch and caresses continue to traverse the listener's body, relaxing their shoulders, back, stomach, chest, hips, and legs. As the listener's thoughts are pulled down their spine, they may find their head drifting into a deep state of relaxation. Nimja explains that this repeated movement is an effective deepener, and the more effect it has, the less the listener thinks about it. The listener's body easily follows the deepening process, and their mind may briefly wake up before another gentle caress in the back of their neck pulls them all the way down again. Nimja suggests that this is a simple induction, an elegant way of gently guiding the listener into a trance. The listener is given the choice to explore more and drift deeper into a completely blank mind. The file ends with Nimja stating that if their voice continues, the listener can remain in a deep state, but if not, they will calmly awaken and enjoy the rest that comes with going all the way down.

FeatureOpen ending
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