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982 - Trancy Touches

◎ 1,646 ▽ 1,844 - 2023-11-30Details
Description Feel caresses over your hand, arm and side of your head to induce hypnosis.
Intended Effect Calming caresses.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of trance through gentle caresses on their body. They are encouraged to relax and allow the soothing sensations to guide them into a deeper state of hypnosis. The touches begin on their hands, gradually moving up their arms, and eventually covering both arms simultaneously. Throughout the session, the listener's mind becomes more relaxed and their thoughts fade away. The touches create a warm, relaxed glow in their arms and shoulders. Different types of touches, such as taps and strokes, are used to deepen the trance. The touches then extend to the listener's head, blanking their mind completely. The session concludes with the suggestion that the listener can either remain in a deep state of trance or wake up gradually.

FeaturesFractionation, Open ending
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