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420 - Flying Dream

◎ 3,974 ▽ 7,790 - 2018-07-12Details
Description Let your mind soar over the world and inspire your dreams as your body falls asleep.
Intended Effect Flying dreams and restful sleep.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process to help them sleep and have a flying dream. He starts by explaining that many people dream of flying and how it is a feeling of freedom. The listener is instructed to take deep breaths and let their body become heavy and relaxed. As their body becomes heavy, their thoughts become lighter and begin to float. The listener's body sinks deeper and becomes heavier, while their thoughts float higher and higher. He describes how the listener's thoughts can soar and fly freely, with no limitations. They can observe the world below them at different speeds and with great detail. The listener is assured that they can always return to their body when they want to, but they can continue flying in their dreams for as long as they want. He emphasizes that sleeping in this state will allow the listener's body to recover and heal, while their mind can freely explore and fly. Finally, the listener is instructed to take off their headphones and sleep, ready to enjoy the flight and let their dreams echo around the world.

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