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728 - A Service Announcement

◎ 4,609 ▽ 4,749 - 2021-06-24Details
Description A strange experiment that could be played in a public space.
Intended Effect Background, distracting, intriguing trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is informed that they are participating in an experiment with soundscapes. He mentions that the listener may become drifty and their attention may waver between his words and other tasks. The background music is said to have an effect on the listener's mind, potentially controlling certain variables and inducing a relaxed state. He discusses the frequencies and rhythms of the music, noting that the listener's thoughts will become more relaxed and fall into predictable patterns. The listener is encouraged to allow themselves to go in and out of a trance and to enjoy the pauses and teasing in the announcement. He explains that there is no need to pay direct attention and that the listener can simply allow themselves to drift as the music and words play out. The listener's response to the experiment is noted, and they may become aware of how relaxed they are. He describes the experience as zoning out, but with a logic to the words. The listener is invited to let their mind become blank and to allow the music to create a new soundscape. The rhythms and frequencies of the music are described as playing with the listener's thoughts and inducing a trance state. He concludes by thanking the listener for participating and reminding them that their attention will return to them once the announcement is over.

FeaturesFractionation, Open ending, Background
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