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168 - Everyday Peace

◎ 4,108 ▽ 8,322 - 2016-03-10Details
Description Just something to help you calm down about stuff.
Intended Effect Background anti-anxiety.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a calming and peaceful experience. He encourages the listener to let the audio play in the background while they engage in other activities. The listener is reminded that it's okay to relax and not let the stresses of life control them. They are encouraged to accept that things happen and to find peace in the chaos of the world. He suggests that there are many small things that can bring happiness and that it's important to enjoy the present moment. The listener is reassured that it's okay to seek help and that they don't have to face challenges alone. The file concludes by reminding the listener that they are allowed to feel however they feel and that it's okay to seek rest and peace.

FeaturesOpen ending, Background
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