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326 - Heartbeat Induction

◎ 1,882 ▽ 3,382 - 2017-08-17Details
Description Listen to your own, or perhaps someone else's, heartbeat. It can be so relaxing.
Intended Effect Slowing rhythm.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through an experience of listening to their own heartbeat and appreciating the steady rhythm of a beating heart. He explains that listening to a heartbeat causes relaxation, which stems from an instinctual reaction developed from listening to the heartbeat of a parent when they were young. As the listener relaxes, their own heartbeat slows down, and they become more aware of each beat. This leads them into a blissful state of nothingness, where they focus purely on the beat and let their thoughts fade away. The listener is encouraged to go deeper into this state, allowing their heartbeat to slow even further. He describes the heartbeat as an intimate sound that keeps the listener alive and becomes the rhythm by which they live. The listener is guided to let the other sounds become irrelevant and solely focus on the heartbeat, which helps them relax and go deeper. The more they listen, the more the heartbeat envelops them and replaces their thoughts with its steady rhythm. The listener's own heartbeat is described as slow, relaxed, and blank. The file ends with the suggestion that the listener can continue to listen to their own heartbeat and become more aware of it even after the file ends.

FeatureOpen ending
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