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778 - Snow Fall

◎ 1,145 ▽ 2,542 - 2021-12-16Details
Description The sight and sound of so many little flakes, falling down is so calming.
Intended Effect Calming and gentle trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a description of a snowfall. The narrator emphasizes the quiet and peaceful atmosphere created by the falling snowflakes. The listener is encouraged to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of each individual snowflake and to become lost in the mesmerizing dance of the falling snow. The listener's mind is encouraged to wander and contemplate the formation and journey of a snowflake. The narrator also highlights the sensory experience of being in the snow, from the coldness felt on certain parts of the body to the muted sounds and the visual beauty of the snow-covered surroundings. The listener is invited to let their thoughts dissolve as they watch the snow fall and to embrace the stillness and calmness of the moment. The file ends with the suggestion that the listener can either remain in a deep state of relaxation or gradually awaken, leaving room for further dreams and imagination inspired by the snowfall.

FeatureOpen ending
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