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848 - Mindless Meditation

◎ 1,739 ▽ 2,915 - 2022-08-18Details
Description A simple exercise you can do anywhere, to help you relax.
Intended Effect Peaceful emptiness.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a relaxation and meditation exercise. They are instructed to become aware of their breathing and to open their eyes when they inhale and close their eyes and relax when they exhale. The listener is encouraged to practice this exercise of opening and relaxing their eyes, which helps them enter a calm state quickly. The concept of fractionation is introduced, where the listener is put into a trance state and then awakened repeatedly in a short period of time. The listener is guided to become more alert with each awakening while remaining aware of their breath. The file mentions that waking up may become more difficult as the listener becomes more relaxed. The listener is encouraged to let go of any thoughts and to allow their body to relax deeply with each exhale. The file highlights the ability of hypnosis to accept suggestions while remaining focused on breathing. The listener is guided to go deeper into relaxation with each wave of relaxation and to let go of any remaining thoughts. The file ends by stating that with practice, the listener will become more relaxed and mindless, and that they can use the simple act of breathing to relax no matter where they are.

FeaturesFractionation, Open ending
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