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Special - Unexpected Delays

◎ 1,951 ▽ 2,323 - 2018-12-02Details
Description An important message from Nimja Incorporated related to the Launch Party delay.
Intended Effect More enjoyment of my voice and being patient.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a hypnotic experience by Nimja. Nimja explains that there have been unexpected delays for the Launch Party at Nimja, Incorporated. Nimja encourages the listener to relax and listen to his voice, allowing their mind to wander and their body to relax. The listener is told that there will be a reward for waiting and that they can look forward to exciting things in the future. Nimja's voice guides the listener deeper into relaxation and encourages them to explore their desires and dreams. The file suggests that the listener will become more and more focused on Nimja's voice and may experience a drop into a deeper state of relaxation. Nimja hints at a surprise for the launch party but does not provide details, encouraging the listener to let go of their thoughts and enjoy the experience. The file ends with Nimja waking the listener, leaving them feeling incredibly relaxed and refreshed. Nimja gives the listener a suggestion to feel incredible and ready to face the day, promising that they will remember it and use it when needed. Nimja concludes by expressing confidence that the listener's experience with Nimja, Incorporated will be pleasant.

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