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780 - Ornamental Transformation

◎ 2,375 ▽ 2,115 - 2021-12-23Details
Description Relax and let yourself shrink down into a simple state.
Intended Effect Become a tiny pretty object for a while.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process of transformation into a small ornament. They are instructed to relax and let go of their thoughts as they count down, gradually shrinking in size. As they become smaller, they are asked to imagine what material they are made of and what they look like. The listener is encouraged to embrace a state of simple existence, free of responsibilities and thoughts. They are described as a pretty ornament, appreciated and treasured for what they are. The listener is invited to stay in this state for as long as they like, enjoying the calmness and stillness. At the end of the file, the listener can choose to either stay in this state or awaken, knowing that they can always return to their normal state by saying "reset".

FeatureOpen ending
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