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340 - Good Bite Sleep

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Description Just a bite is all you need to have a wonderfully regenerative sleep.
Intended Effect Healing vampiric sleep.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being hypnotized by Nimja, who refers to themselves as a vampire-like figure. Nimja uses their voice to create harmonics and sub tones that fascinate the listener and make them desire to follow their instructions. Nimja convinces the listener that they are tired and in need of a good night's sleep and offers to bite their neck and take their blood in exchange for a deep, refreshing sleep. The listener is encouraged to nod their head to signify their surrender and readiness to be bitten. Nimja assures the listener that the bite won't be too unpleasant and describes the sensation as a sharp feeling in the neck followed by tingles throughout the body. The listener's thoughts gradually fade away as Nimja continues to take their blood, leading them into a deep blankness. Nimja then offers their own blood to the listener by biting their wrist and allowing the listener to absorb it, claiming that it will regenerate and heal their body while they sleep. The listener is told that every second of sleep will make them stronger and more refreshed, and when they wake up, they will be full of energy that others can't match. Nimja emphasizes that they are not a monster to the listener and instructs them to take off their headphones and drift to sleep.

CategoriesSleep, Fantasy
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