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744 - Empty Mind

◎ 5,511 ▽ 7,983 - 2021-08-19Details
Description A simple few words to help you to relax and become blank.
Intended Effect Short, sweet emptiness.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided by Nimja to clear their thoughts and achieve a state of complete emptiness in their mind. He describes the benefits of emptying one's mind and encourages the listener to let go of distractions, obligations, and stress. They suggest various techniques such as counting down or using a magic word to achieve an empty mind. He emphasizes the pleasantness and tranquility of having an empty mind and assures the listener that the more they enjoy it, the easier it becomes to reach that state. They describe the emptiness as a blankness of thoughts, a drifting sensation, and a liberation. He encourages the listener to let go of their thoughts and allow he to guide them to a blank place. They describe the emptiness as a wonderful absence, a space between spaces, and a complete absence of everything. He notes that with each exhale, the listener goes deeper into the emptiness. They reassure the listener that exploring and embracing the nothingness requires no effort and provides a sense of liberation and freedom. He suggests that the listener can remain in this state or, if they hear his voice again, they can stay deep and continue enjoying the empty mind. The file ends by leaving the listener with a choice of either remaining in the emptiness or experiencing a momentary silence and blankness to feel refreshed.

FeatureOpen ending
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