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668 - Giving Thanks

◎ 1,491 ▽ 1,875 - 2020-11-26Details
Description Would you allow me to share some gratitude?
Intended Effect Thank you, for everything.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is being thanked by Nimja for their support, comments, emails, and for taking the time to listen to Nimja's words. Nimja expresses gratitude for the feedback, ideas, and reactions given by the listener. The listener is thanked for allowing Nimja to be part of their life, for inviting Nimja into their head, and for the moments of fear, surprise, and comfort that Nimja provides. The listener is appreciated for their efforts, even if it's just sitting down and listening for a few minutes. Nimja expresses gratitude for the listener's presence, enjoyment, and the good time they have while listening. The listener is thanked for allowing Nimja to help them relax and for enriching Nimja's life. Nimja acknowledges that there is still more to come and expresses gratitude for the listener's future support, whether visible or not. The listener is thanked for their time, comments, ideas, and for being themselves. Nimja expresses excitement for the future and the adventures and experiences that lie ahead. Nimja appreciates the feedback that allows for growth and improvement. The file ends with Nimja thanking the listener once again for listening, liking, commenting, and subscribing, and for being awesome.

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