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Live 65 - Ghostly Whispers

◎ 2,594 ▽ 2,355 - 2021-10-03Details
Description Awoken by a strange voice from your sleep, no longer where you were.
Intended Effect Following and absorbed.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of relaxation and sleep by Nimja's voice. They are encouraged to let go and drift into a comfortable and familiar place. As they fall deeper into sleep, they are transported to a strange and unknown environment, guided by the voice. The listener is pulled by an unseen force, surrounded by fog and unfamiliar sights. Despite feeling a sense of curiosity, the listener is aware of the danger and tries to stay focused on the voice. They continue to follow the voice until they reach a soft light, where they feel a deep sense of comfort and warmth. However, upon entering the light, the listener becomes stuck and unable to move. They are reassured by the voice to remain calm and let go, sinking deeper into the state of relaxation. The light becomes brighter and envelops the listener, until they become one with it and disappear. Finally, as the file ends, the listener is slowly awakened and finds themselves back where they started, unsure if it was all just a dream.

CategoriesFantasy, Live
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