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116 - Winding Down

◎ 3,092 ▽ 6,176 - 2015-09-03Details
Description A simple file to help quiet your mind. Good to prepare for other files or simply to help with stress.
Intended Effect Clearing thoughts

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a process of winding down and calming their busy mind. He explains that trying to force oneself not to think is not effective, and instead encourages the listener to let their thoughts play out without introducing new ones. The listener is told to store important thoughts for later and let go of unimportant ones. As the listener continues to listen, their head calms down and they are encouraged to allow themselves to be empty and relax. He counts down to help the listener calm down further, and then counts up to bring them back to a state of clarity and focus. The file ends with he expressing hope that the listener feels at peace.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
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