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328 - Stop Cutting

◎ 2,001 ▽ 3,115 - 2017-08-24Details
Description Let me help you avoid self harm, not just cutting. And let you know that it's okay to have scars.
Intended Effect Self harm acceptance and avoidance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a deep state of trance through hypnosis in order to help them stop self-harming, specifically cutting. He emphasizes that self-harm is a way to cope with loss of control and distract oneself from other pain. They assure the listener that they don't need to feel ashamed or bad about themselves, as everyone has their limits and moments when things become too much. He expresses pride in the listener for choosing to listen and try to do something about their self-harming. They encourage the listener to focus on what really matters and forgive themselves if they struggle to stop cutting. He suggests that scars can serve as reminders of their humanity and limitations, and that there is nothing wrong with having scars. They offer forgiveness to the listener for their mistakes and express continued pride in their efforts. The file concludes with he waking the listener up and reminding them that they are not alone on their journey to stop self-harming.

CategoriesInduction, Effect, Other
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