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722 - Reclaimed By Nature

◎ 1,768 ▽ 2,377 - 2021-06-03Details
Description Allow yourself to go into a slowing trance as you perceive the world around you.
Intended Effect Drifting through time.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a deep state of relaxation and trance. As the listener relaxes, time begins to flow differently for them. They become aware of the passing of time and observe the world around them changing. Days pass like seconds, buildings crumble, and nature begins to reclaim the world. Weeks, months, and years pass in the blink of an eye as the listener remains in a deep trance. Eventually, centuries pass by and everything around them is reclaimed by nature. The file ends by suggesting that the listener can choose to return to the present or continue exploring different timelines.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
FeaturesFractionation, Open ending
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