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422 - Mental Teleportation Induction

◎ 2,092 ▽ 3,599 - 2018-07-19Details
Description Let your mind be taken to a safe, empty place while your body stays behind.
Intended Effect Safe room for your imagination.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a mental teleportation induction by Nimja. They are instructed to imagine a white room, separate from their body, that serves as a safe and calming space free from distractions. Nimja leads the listener through a countdown, helping them focus their mind and disappear further into the room. The room is described as a blank canvas where the listener can imagine and create anything they desire. The listener is assured that nothing from the outside world can reach or harm them in this room. They are encouraged to listen to Nimja's words and allow the room to make them stronger. At the end, the listener can choose to awaken or remain in a deep state of relaxation and continue to paint on the canvas of their mind.

FeatureOpen ending
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