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936 - Eye-rolling Experiment

◎ 3,417 ▽ 2,787 - 2023-06-22Details
Description An experiment with eye-rolls and flutters to help you fall deeper into trance.
Intended Effect Enjoy as your eyes flutter and roll back with trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through an eye-rolling experiment during hypnosis. The hypnotist explains that eye-rolling is not a natural occurrence for everyone, but it can be experimented with for fun. The listener is instructed to imagine a finger moving in front of them and to follow it with their eyes, allowing their eyes to naturally roll and flutter. The hypnotist emphasizes that these eye movements are a sign of trance and can lead to a deeper state of relaxation. The listener is encouraged to let their thoughts disappear and enjoy the feeling of their eyes rolling up. The hypnotist then asks the listener to wake up momentarily and become aware of how their eyes feel before guiding them back into a deeper trance. The listener is told to let their eyes roll naturally and enjoy the sensations of eye-rolling and fluttering. The hypnotist counts down and challenges the listener to try not to roll their eyes, but ultimately encourages them to give in to the pleasant feeling of eye-rolling during trance. The listener is reminded to enjoy the experience and is thanked for participating in the experiment. The file concludes with the listener being guided to wake up fully.

CategoriesInduction, Effect
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