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800 - Boo!

◎ 3,536 ▽ 3,716 - 2022-03-03Details
Description A simple example of a few shock inductions.
Intended Effect Interrupted thoughts.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is introduced to a type of induction called shock inductions. He explains that a startle can be an effective way of opening someone's thoughts up to suggestion in the brief moment between the startle and the realization that everything is okay. He discusses different methods of shock inductions, such as touch and saying "boo!" He also explores the timing and expectations involved in shock inductions. The listener is told that they will experience a shock later in the file, but the exact timing is kept vague. He asks the listener various questions to gauge their focus and attention. Eventually, he initiates a shock induction and guides the listener into a deeper trance state. He emphasizes that the aim is not to scare, but to startle, and that the relaxation and relief that follows is what makes it enjoyable. The listener is thanked for paying attention and is encouraged to have fun.

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