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674 - Passive Participation

◎ 4,896 ▽ 6,690 - 2020-12-17Details
Description Allow yourself to participate without even doing anything.
Intended Effect Drifty, deep, comfy trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a passive participation hypnosis session by he, Nimja. He explains that the unconscious mind is often busy with automatic processes and reactions, and the listener doesn't have to consciously do anything for it. The listener is encouraged to let their thoughts wander and relax while listening to the sound and melody of his voice. The unconscious mind naturally allows the listener's body to relax, and the listener is encouraged to imagine something deep in the back of their mind that relaxes them even more. The listener is told that different sensations and moments of thought can inspire them throughout the day, and they are directed into a deeper state of relaxation. He emphasizes that the listener doesn't have to do anything, but can simply sit or lay down and enjoy the experience. The listener is guided deeper into relaxation, and their mind is described as creating landscapes and soundscapes, drifting through dreams and imagination. He reassures the listener that their body will adjust as needed and that their mind will slow down to enhance relaxation. The listener is encouraged to let go and embrace the passive participation of their mind. He suggests that the more the listener practices and exercises this relaxation, the easier it becomes. The file ends with the suggestion that the listener will either remain in a deeper state of relaxation or awaken easily, and they are encouraged to enjoy the experience.

FeaturesOpen ending, Background
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