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506 - Rehearsal Induction

◎ 6,893 ▽ 7,962 - 2019-05-09Details
Description We're going to practice going into trance, in a moment.
Intended Effect Induction and fractionation

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is taken through a rehearsal induction to practice going into a trance. He instructs the listener to breathe in and out, close their eyes, and relax. The listener is reminded that they are just practicing and not actually going into trance. He guides the listener through multiple repetitions of breathing, closing their eyes, and relaxing, each time going deeper into relaxation. The listener is encouraged to let themselves relax and enter a state of trance effortlessly. He emphasizes that going into trance is a skill that can be improved with practice. The listener is reminded that they can do this practice on their own whenever they want to. The file ends with he stating that if their voice continues, the listener can remain in a deep trance, and if their voice stops, the listener will easily wake up and be aware of everything that happened.

FeaturesFractionation, Participation, Open ending
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