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944 - Deep Into My Eyes

◎ 2,653 ▽ 2,261 - 2023-07-20Details
Description A common cliché that has very good reason to be linked to hypnosis.
Intended Effect Powerfully hypnotized while staring.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of hypnosis by he, Nimja. He emphasizes the importance of looking deep into their eyes, and the listener is encouraged to imagine this gaze and focus on it. As the listener continues to stare, they are told that they are being hypnotized and that he has power over them. The listener is instructed to let go of their thoughts and allow the words of he to fill their mind, leading them deeper into a state of trance. The listener's eyes may close, but they are still encouraged to imagine the gaze and continue falling deeper into hypnosis. The listener is told that with each cycle of waking and falling deeper, they become better at entering a hypnotic state. He also mentions that the listener may anticipate falling deeper into hypnosis when the word "drop" is mentioned. The listener is reminded of the power and control he has over their mind, and they are encouraged to enjoy the feeling of being hypnotized. Towards the end, he suggests that there is more to explore and listen to, indicating that the listener can continue their hypnotic experiences beyond the file. The listener is gradually counted back up from their trance-like state and is reminded of the enjoyment of the hypnosis experience.

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