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946 - A Slow Submerge

◎ 822 ▽ 1,312 - 2023-07-27Details
Description A slow, cool, sensation of submersion into a refreshing body of water.
Intended Effect Cooling and calming trance.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided through a slow submerge into water to help them cool down and relax. He describes the sensation of stepping into water, starting with the toes and gradually going deeper. The listener is encouraged to feel the coolness of the water on their skin as they slowly submerge themselves. He mentions that some people may feel hesitant as they go deeper, but assures them that it will feel good to cool down. As the listener goes deeper into the water, he describes the different sensations on their legs and knees. The listener is instructed to continue submerging themselves until they reach their chest, and then their shoulders. He emphasizes how the coolness of the water helps the listener relax and let go of everything. The listener is guided to take a deep breath, go under the surface, and then rise back up, floating with their head above the water. He describes the sensation of the cool water and the relaxation it brings to the listener's body and mind. The listener is encouraged to let go and embrace the moment of relaxation. He mentions that the listener's body will feel heavy once they step out of the water, but they will also feel refreshed. Finally, the listener is slowly brought back to full wakefulness. He thanks the listener for listening and hopes they had a refreshing time.

CategoriesInduction, Fantasy
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