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438 - Sweet Bedtime Story

◎ 3,732 ▽ 5,898 - 2018-09-13Details
Description A strange bedtime story from a long time ago that somehow was important to remember.
Intended Effect Wistful warmth and self-worth.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is told a bedtime story by he, Nimja. The story is about a little boy named Teddy who is often blamed for breaking things and feels guilty for it. The other children at school start blaming him for other things as well, and Teddy starts believing that he is responsible for all the wrong things happening in the world. However, one day, Teddy's former teacher, Miss Winter, approaches him and apologizes for not realizing that he was not to blame for everything. She reassures him that she is not upset with him and gives him a hug. Teddy realizes that he is not at fault for everything and begins to let go of his guilt. He starts to regain his happiness, smiles at the world, and appreciates his parents for their support. Eventually, Teddy forgives those who blamed him by sending them cards. The story concludes with he hoping that the story will be helpful to the listener and wishing them a good night's sleep.

CategoriesSleep, Fantasy
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