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874 - Autopilot

◎ 2,300 ▽ 3,057 - 2022-11-17Details
Description Supportive momentum to achieve or complete tasks while your mind wanders.
Intended Effect Background support for activities.

Experimental: AI-generated, based on the transcript.

The listener is guided into a state of autopilot or hypnosis. They are encouraged to let the words flow through their mind and allow their body to become relaxed and deliberate. The listener is told that this state is a natural part of how the mind works and can help them complete tasks easily and smoothly. As they sink deeper into the state, the listener is instructed to focus on the unfocused and let their mind empty. They are encouraged to enter a groove or one-track mind where everything seems to melt together and tasks become automatic. The more the listener practices being in this autopilot state, the easier it will become and the more they will be able to maintain it even after the file ends. The listener is also encouraged to let their mind enter a creative flow while completing tasks on autopilot and to give their mind space to relax and think. The file ends by reminding the listener that they have the ability to finish any task they want to and to leave what can be left.

FeaturesOpen ending, Background
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